healthy or hungover

Healthy or Hungover: Spicy pumpkin soup

Cooking soup while browsing Tinder. Holidayzz!

Healthy or Hungover #13

Cooking my way to Mr. Right with tacoz n' cakez.

Healthy or Hungover #12

A recipe marriage of spicy, Austin Tex-Mex and gluten-free, Brooklyn gastronomics.

Healthy or Hungover #11

A recipe for no tearz for single people on St. Valentine's Day.

Healthy or Hungover #10

The newly single Prince Rama sister makes a cake "JUST CUZ" while watching Oprah.

Healthy or Hungover live in Detroit!

Smoked Tempeh Empanadas with Mashed Potato Patties at the Salt and Cedar.

Healthy or Hungover #9

Fuck fancy restaurants and one-night stands, it's time to get TRASHY!

Healthy or Hungover #8

How to bake your favorite Pop Tart since Britney. Plus: teen dating tips.

Healthy or Hungover #7

Getting lost in the LA vibes with super healthy and colorful Quinoa Salad (and Bulleit Rye).

Healthy or Hungover #6

Making Cracker Barrel proud while picking up health-conscious BABEZ at Whole Foods.

Healthy or Hungover #5

There are so many things that can give you cancer! So eat a grilled cheese!

Healthy or Hungover #4

Why it sucks to be vegan.

Healthy or Hungover #3

Classy hangover food for two, straight from Margaritaville.

Healthy or Hungover #2

The perfect recipe for when your man is being a total prick.

Healthy or Hungover #1

A new recipe series perfectly suited to your potential moods.

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