justin frye

Glenn Branca’s Symphonies at the Masonic Hall NYC

A near-religious experience within the secret society’s lodge.

SMHOAKSTOCK 5 at Shea Stadium

Smhoak Mosheein gathered many friends to take over Shea Stadium for 24 hours for the fifth edition of SMHOAKSTOCK.

Intentionally Degraded: PC Worship’s Compulsive Hysteria

“Grating sounds are not necessarily a byproduct of the process like they used to be—they’re more compositional.”

Stream PC Worship’s Basement Hysteria EP

Quietly crazed consequences.

Third-annual Logstradamus fest announced

A weirdo surf festival on Virginia Beach featuring Horse Lords, The Seeers, Cloak/Dagger, and more.

PC Worship, Social Rust

Like the B-52s from Hell, Justin Frye delivers his best record under the moniker to date.

Stream PC Worship’s Social Rust LP

For their latest the doom-skronk is a little more pristine.

PC Worship, “Mellow Moon”

A 7" that offers the placebo of heavy drug abuse and madness.

Eulogy to the Knicks' 2013 season

The PC Worship guitarist watches Game 6 between sets at a DIY surfing contest.

Getting braided on Broadway with Blissed Out

Yoga, friendly electrocutions, mink pelts, and other adventures in NYC nightlife.

Julianna Barwick made me feel reborn

Phishcasts, looping machinery, DIY Lion King, and other adventures in NYC nightlife.

Party fouling with Forma

Glittery undershirts, 100 cases of Asahi, Gershwin, and other adventures in NY nightlife.

Opening weekend on Cruise Corp

A variety of parties, reviewed.

Justin Frye

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