Tender Meat, “Steppin Out”

Digitally rendered CGI visual effects from the Minneapolis duo’s audio textures.

What Tyrants “Hangin’ Out in Havana”

The surf and sand of Cuba meet the oil slicks of Minneapolis garage rock.

FOG's Andrew Broder needs your backing

The enigmatic Minneapolis freak folk artist is aspiring to be the next Bon Iver.

Some Pulp, “Tell Me Ur Mine”

Inspired by teenage doo-wop, Dawson's Creek, and windowless Astrovans.

Web of Sunsets, “Foreign Body”

Reinventions, shifting shapes, and shifting dwellings.

Vats, “Lodge”

Another begotten son of the Minneapolis scene has risen with guitar in hand.

The Anti-Trending of Teenage Moods

The Midwest garage pop band teach us how to write with the Magic Hat Method.

Psymun, “Heartsick”

Soulful future-beats from the Twin City.

Tree Blood's self-titled EP

A one-take EP that will leave you covered in beer and sweat.

MJ MJ Records continues its beat tape series

Sample Serious Sauce Vol.3 curated by Minneapolis producers Psymun and Damacha.

Kazyak, “Pieces of My Map”

See the forest, see the trees, and the joys of getting lost in the woods.

Claps, “Glory, Glory”

The sciences of yesterday discovered by the dark wave synths of today.

Stream: Food Pyramid's Mango Sunrise

A motorik train ride from Germany to Tangiers.

Debut: Brute Heart, “Fever”

Midwestern threesome place you squarely inside the echo chamber.

Moon Glyph

Northern purveyors of the psychedelic and the bizarre. Get the sampler.