mj mj records

Sasha Conda, Bronco

The dystopian future’s so bright.

The Velveteens, Sun’s Up

A careful exploration of our darker parts under the guise of pop nostalgia.

The Velveteens, “Chico”

Impeccably retro and yet, timelessly, hopelessly heartbroken pop punk.

Persona La Ave, “At Last”

Talkin’ bourbon pairing with Knoxville’s retro-futurist producer.

Persona La Ave, “It’s For You Mix”

Faxing you the most intelligent and funkiest jams on the planet.

Persona La Ave, “Cheers Big Ears”

Gooey psychedelic nostalgia from the prolific master of future funk.

Many Mansions, “Long Slow Drive”

Revisiting the lone night owl ways of an experimental project.

Stream the b-side of Little Spoon's Girlfriend Forever CS

Cam Potter fux with the future in his latest pop collection.

Vats, “Lodge”

Another begotten son of the Minneapolis scene has risen with guitar in hand.

The Anti-Trending of Teenage Moods

The Midwest garage pop band teach us how to write with the Magic Hat Method.

Euglossine, Side B of Dance District

A counter tape to the drop culture of EDM.

Tree Blood's self-titled EP

A one-take EP that will leave you covered in beer and sweat.

The Shakin' Babies, Stoked Casual

A Minneapolis five-piece of doo-whoppers born to hand jive.

MJ MJ Records continues its beat tape series

Sample Serious Sauce Vol.3 curated by Minneapolis producers Psymun and Damacha.

Dakota Bones, Ø

It was slipping into that Detox purgatory but found its way.

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