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Emma McGrath – Butterfly

Emma McGrath shares the second single from her upcoming ‘Silent Minds’ EP called ‘Butterfly’. Writing music since a ridiculously young age..

New Music: AMiR – No One Else

2018 is the year AMiR will be firmly on the radar as an emerging star in the U.K.

BBXO – ‘Hard Road to Travel’

BBXO is the innovative, creatively rich, collaborative project of Krisz Kreuzer & Musa Okwonga. Krisz had recently been a founding member of crossover Urban Blues outfit Brixtonboogie, when he met London-born poet Musa Okwonga in Berlin.


Adée, Wasted On You

Tally Spear, “Just Don’t Know”

Tally Spear is a testament to more than first meets the eye.

Peppermint Heaven, “You(Oscuro Remix)”

Shere Disraeli, “Coffee and Weed”

Treat yoself.

Nina Ryser, “So Far Removed”

Quick and hard-hitting.

Henry Chadwick, “Overtime”

Its simplicity and clarity show off the music and lyrics perfectly.

Pearl Lion, “Big Sky”

Poignant and immersive.

Bess Atwell Talks Debut Album Hold Your Mind

“The only ritual I subscribe to pre-show is a glass of wine!”

Alexa Wilding, “Wolves”

“It’s a song of frustration as well as a call to arms.”

Stream Hektor Fontanez’s Outsider’s Paradise Before It’s Available Anywhere Else

Hektor leads by example in his experimental genre-crossing and eclectic collection of effects.

Sixth & College, “Acid Wash (We Don’t Care)”

A proverbial coming-of-age, flipping-the-bird type of song.

The Novelists Illustrate True Love in New Video for “Morris and Estelle”

We can all but hope for a love as strong as Morris and Estelle’s.

New Music

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