newtown radio

Going back to basics

Summertime is almost over, blast this while you’re inside hiding from the sun!

Audio Imposition and the case of the extra bass

Dance your troubles away.

#Offbrand Presents Phippstoculture

But can you make him think?

Your #offbrand soundtrack to summer thunderstorms

For your secret love of diva vocals, I will be there.

#OFFBRAND Champion Chewer

Weird house, weird breaks, weird techno, weird Weird WEIRD W!E!I!R!D!

DJ Eric Phipps presents #offbrand

Summertime mix just for you.

Summer Thunder deck jams

128kbps of ear shaking bass.

Take a trip to the Eagle Nebula and Northside

Special preview of this weekend’s Northside Festival.

Pop Up Powerbomb of Pop

Be taken away by the soothing sounds of the Audio Imposition and wrestling videos.

Skech185’s personal history of Chicago

Featuring a premier of a brand new track!

Courtship Ritual and Eric talk Disney and theater

The importance of amateur enthusiasm in making music.

Alaska and Eric hold a dad rap symposium

How to you stay so fresh when you have diapers to change?

Duncecap and Eric discuss home movies

Do you ever think about the artistry involved in selfies and how it differs from home movies? Ego vs Environment

Bass lines and no talking

No words now.  Only wobwobwob.

Lily Mastrodimos’ Punk Rock Childhood

Her parents were probably cooler than yours.