Liphemra, Part 3 mixtape

Beyond your wildestdreamz...
Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Hellogoodbye, Picastro, Spotlight Kid

With exclusives and support from Dead Fame, Liphemra, Sombear, Split Screens & more.
Friday Night

Liphemra, For The Record: Fuck Valentine's Day Mix

A mix for the lonely and indifferent to the lover's holiday.

Liphemra, "Bloodwork" (feat. MED)

Getting to know the LA singer one haunting track at a time.
Fresh Daily

Hellfyre Club remix Future's "Honest"

If we're being honest, the original has been eclipsed by the rap gods of Hellfyre.
Fresh Daily

Nocando, "Little Green Monsters" (feat. Liphemra)

Everything is everything in Los Angeles.
Fresh Daily

Milo, Busdriver, & Nocando, "Manchester"

Turning a cold shoulder to the locker room banter in rap music.
Fresh Daily

Milo, "Ecclesiastes"

The young philosopher's catchiest song to date is underscored with unfinished business.
Fresh Daily

Nocando, "All Over A Bitch"

Dumb this track down 10 more degrees and it's damn near treading on Chief Keef territory.
Fresh Daily

Milo, "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc" (For Schopenhauer)

Heard it here first: rapping in Latin is the new humming "Om" while meditating.
Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: CCERULEANN, Dinowalrus, Hilly Eye, Nocando

We got your round up of heroes & villians, winners, losers and Chardonnay boozers.
Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Lord Tang v. Window Twins, Nocando, Quelle Chris, unhappybirthday

Presenting you pop the globe over, from the main stagers to the new former-unknowns.
Just Heard

Moon Block Party Desert Daze

Coachella sucks. Go to this instead.
Fresh Daily

Flash Bang Grenada remixed by Kenny Segal

No relation to Steven Segal, if you were wondering.
Fresh Daily

Flash Bang Grenada remix "I Can Teleport"

A Leimert Park legend (no Dom Kennedy) and a Leimert Park youngin' join them.