Kouta with the track “After Party”

A haunter of the woods

Kid Trails – “Naming”

Our Accomplice

Album Review: Felsen – Blood Orange

Blood Orange Moon consists of songs written in the fall of 2014/winter of 2015

Unity, Unity

An album of all new garage rock classics.

OVVN is Back to the Grime in New Video for “Sores”

Back to the grime.

Ratskin Records

Ratskin Records shines a light on the shadowy margins of the Bay Area experimental music scene.

Stream Pig DNA’s Mob Shity

Come hither, shitlikers.

Toyota, “Model Concept(s) I-V”

Coneheads-worship or nah?

The Mantles, “Doorframe”

A coolly assured paean to the still life.

Ragana, “Invocation Part 2”

A dark gothic video from the Oakland doom metal duo.

Shannon and the Clams, “It’s Too Late”

A song for a relationship’s end, full of characteristic rockabilly soul.

Shannon and the Clams, “The Point of Being Right”

Brassy, emotive misfit karaoke.

Violence Creeps, “On My Turf”

A vividly disturbing video for an aggressive punk track.

Native Eloquence, “Habits”

The hazy sound of a habit-forming drug den.

Stream Sister Crayon’s Devoted LP

Mending the rift between the stage and the studio on the new LP.


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