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Odd Future's Hodgy Beats fights women at SXSW

A 7-second clip, which is sure to be deleted, emerges on the internet.
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Stream: Mellowhigh's self-titled debut

The collaborative record between Mellowhype and Domo Genesis.
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Stream The Internet's sophomore record, Feel Good, in full

On—where else?—the Internet.
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Week in Pop: Audacity, Blac Hollywood, Brandon Nickell, The Cloak Ox, Dazzletine, Little Band of Sailors

Fullerton reports, Vancouver vibes, memory art, Andrew Broder, P-burgh glam, & Rachel Mason's world.
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Week in Pop: Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Lonesome Leash, Mister Suit, Trends

Exclusives from Mr. Price, Walt McClements, Garrett Jones, Marina Paiz, & more.
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Stream the entirety of Earl Sweatshirt's sophomore album, Doris

His somber, slowed, and smartened album was shared today for your streaming pleasure.
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Earl Sweatshirt gives a teaser of his new record by jumping off a fence

Earl meets fence in a new video to promote Doris.
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Earl Sweatshirt's sophomore album, Doris, to release on 8/20

The Odd Future wunderkind tweeted a release date today.
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Week in Pop: Beacon, HOTT MT, Jahzel, Richie, Steel Phantoms, Taught Abroad, We Are Temporary

Prayers for pop music, anecdotes from Queen Ashi Dala, sermons from Reverend Jahzel, + more.
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Speak!, "Bulletproof Denali"

2 Chainz wants to be buried in the jewelry store, but bury Speak! in his Denali.
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Tyler, The Creator presented with key to the city of Boulder

The hilarious Golf Wang pranks keep rolling in.
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Top 10 Music Photobombs

Hashtag Donald Musty Ass.
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Week in Pop: Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz), Dark Colour, Jason Lytle & Sea of Bees

Don't cry bro, we got all the turkey leftovers and Thanksgiving hits you can handle.
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Week in Pop: Angel Haze x Lunice, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz, Irvin Dally, Teen Mom

Grab your #seapunk ponchos and brace yourself for this week's wet and wild hits.
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Earl Sweatshirt, "Chum"

If this is Track 1 of the Sweatshirt sophomore album, we'll be plenty pleased.