pink priest

Dear Bill Murray

William Cody Watson writes to his muse for the Bill Murray LP.

Scissoring presents Slowed & Throwed: Death Valley Mixtape

Cough Cool and Pink Priest cruise through the desert to dump a body.

Malibu Wand's dark Trondheim day

A vision of the Scandinavian tundras on your return flight to Satan.

R.I.P. Pink Priest

Say hello to the offsprings.

Blissful for the new Blissed Out cassette

Pardon the cheesy pun, but this is an announcement.

Trippin' balls in the hallway of a thousand crystals

Put your brain in the stars with me…

Slow Motion Music


Sorority Row, Dead By 27

Cop a feel of what was Pink Priest vs. Jeans Wilder.

La Station Radar

More Frenchies releasing the best the American/Canadian/UK underground has to offer.

La Station Radar's epic compilation

25 of the planet's best experimental pop, garage, ambien-crunchers, one pile-on.

Pink Priest gets remixed eight times

Coyote Clean Up, Dem Hunger, Twins, all took their turns.

Coyote Clean Up

A mix made with riding around Detroit in your buddy's car in mind.

Pink Priest

Pink Priest selects and writes on some of the records that most influenced him.

Pink Priest and Lee Noble CD-Rs… from France


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