Preston Spurlock

Week in Pop: Crushed Out, Night Riders, Plum Professional, Sims

Emperor X, Lawn, Permit, Rosebug, guest selections by Skinny Girl Diet.

SMHOAKSTOCK 5 at Shea Stadium

Smhoak Mosheein gathered many friends to take over Shea Stadium for 24 hours for the fifth edition of SMHOAKSTOCK.

Bernie Sanders Benefit show with Sharkmuffin, Haybaby, Darkwing, and more at The Gateway

Supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016 with two floors of performances in December 2015.

Week in Pop: Dead Soft, Is/Is, Lazy Knuckles, Pretend, Pre-Willy

EROK, Mall Walk, Preston Spurlock, Workman Song, ft.  guest selections by Dâm-Funk.

EULA, GULL, No Bra, and more at Palisades

Wool sucking is a behavior that some cats engage in when they were weaned too abruptly or too early as kittens. Also the title of EULA’s latest record.

Adventure, Dali Vision, and Still Weavens at Palisades

Dancing the night away with Adventure, Dali Vision, and Still Weavens at Palisades.

Fiasco, The Sediment Club, Michael Jordan, and Large Lady at Death by Audio

Two bands that broke up and reunited perform one more time at Death by Audio. Welcome back Fiasco and Michael Jordan.

The Best Flyers of CMJ 2014

Come for the artwork, stay for the show.

Preston Spurlock

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