Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, “Sacramento”

Anthemic, heart-expanding.

Best of Underground America 2015

For this gallery, we celebrate the best images taken at underground shows across the US.

A listening tour of the West Coast with Doofy Doo’s The Tourist

Sound collages for 15 cities in western North America.

milo,, Kenny Segal, and Michael RJ Saalman at Warehouse Artist Lofts Rooftop

milo’s newest album, So The Flies Don’t Come, was released in late September.

Lee Bannon is now ¬b from this day forward

Shares a hand-written note of new path and new wonky-spelled single.

Stream Sister Crayon’s Devoted LP

Mending the rift between the stage and the studio on the new LP.

Zac Nelson, “Some Are This”

A kaleidoscopic diamond of outlier pop for armchair astrologists.

So Stressed, “Merv King & The Phantoms”

The first release from Meredith Graves’ new label.

Nick Reinhart returns with an even scarier Scary Sounds II

No one’s trick-or-treating at the Tera Melos guitarist’s house this year.

Sunmonks, “In A Desert Of Plenty”

Moving past the material world in a nomadic caravan.

Stream Michael RJ Saalman’s Lxus Shaq

Cyborg pop songs.

Armed and Dangerous in the Pacific Northwest with Darlingchemicalia

The band shows off some heavy metal.

G.Green, “Brain Fuck”

The Sacramento punk band is in your head with their pants off.

Ear blood & fast raps: clipping. launch West Coast tour

A trifecta of varying styles of noise and hip hop launched its West Coast tour.

Monster Treasure, “Wasting”

Fresh off the Stockton trio’s upcoming self-titled album debut for Harlot.


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