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Stream Laughing Fingers’ Two EPs

Stream the three new songs added the front of the Haller Meets The Machine EP.

Yppah, “Little Flag”

A new, sparkling psych-tinged song to jump start a West Coast tour.

Four Nights During The Con

Flying Lotus, Peaking Lights, The Muffs, Maria Minerva and more!

Wizard Woes, “Pretty Nice Eyes”

Ryan Solomon retires DUDES and rekindles the magic.

Deadphones, “Somnambulator”

Walking in dreams, walking after midnight, & walking while asleep.

Buddy Banter, “I Miss You”

Get out of yr apt.

viz///e, “Give It A Try” (Keith Sweaty Remix)

A celestial remix that can only be described as futuristic r&b.

Hills Like Elephants, “Non-Fictionalism”

San Diego synth song for the heartbroken and hopeful.

Barbarian, “Red Tide”

Like a classic game of 'Operation' turned into a sordid ritual.

Hills Like Elephants, “Fall Through”

Bedroom Colonies from San Diego's party of 5 on the art of not following through.

WRITER, “I Make Neon”

A bunch of former San Diegans got together in Brooklyn to form a label.

The people of Comic-Con 2013

Rejoice in the spectacle that is.

Soft Metals, “Tell Me”

Suckin' face to some synth pop.

Premiere: Barbarian, “Song Of Love And Hate”

Making that train ride back to San Diego seem so slow.

Here's the lucky guy who won tickets to our Comic Con shows

He also gets a pretty sweet Mishka prize pack.

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