Altopalo releases (Head in A) Cloche

Altopalo will release their debut album later this year

Dose with the single “Furniture”

“Furniture” is available now via A Turntable Friend.

Hotline releases the new single “Anywhere Else”

10am is out March 23rd on digital and cassette via GP Stripes.

Great News presents “The Norwegian Bands We Love” Playlist

Each carefully hand selected

The Q&A with Playing to Vapors

The rigorous series

Derde Verde – Shattered Moon

A coalescing humdinger

Eyes Behind the Veil – Everlasting Threshold

An eloquent slow burner.

Stream Veda Rays’ New EP, Shadow Side

An EP that feels as much as all of the 80’s

The Morelings “Before”

Inculcate Nostalgia

Blasteroid “Death of a Lobster”

A wacky headbanger.

Hoops – On Letting Go

 All three collections will be available digitally, bundled on vinyl and cassette and out November 10th via Fat Possum.

Weed Hounds “Double Life”

Shoegaze worth waiting for

Turnip King, “Metonymy”

Technology might transcend physicality, but their live shows don’t.

Stream Wildhoney’s debut LP

A Wall of Sound tastefully built, and dispersed throughout ten songs.

Stream Fleeting Youth x r/CassetteCulture’s Blooming Compilation

33 “fuzz-fucked” tracks connected by the love of tightly wound magnetic tape and… the internet.

Upcoming Tour Dates

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