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Gap Dream Talks Evolution In Music, Would Collaborate on Anything With Snoop Dogg

“I mix all my own shit, I record all my own shit, to me it’s one big experiment.”

Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Guides, Shade

Bent Denim, James Roehl, Kristeen Young, ft. guest selections by Kool A.D.

Dam-Funk opens the floodgates after six years

Inviting the light with almost two hours of funk.

Week in Pop: Boulevards, Purmamarca, Ruby My Dear, Seamajesty, Valise

Ballroom Cancer, Logan Hyde, Memoryy, Munroe, Nite Fields, White Prism, co-curated by Juan Wauters.

The Most Average Moments of October 2014

Practicing our French, so the tirades possess a je ne sais quoi in replacement of crude anger.

Week in Pop: Happy You, Peter’s Window, Trust Fall, Zeahorse

Another Green World, Better Off, Drew Cook, Ricky’s Heart, co-curated by Noumenal Loom.

Week in Pop: Blanche Has Friends, Deqn Sue, Jolly Drones, Liz Hogg

Lance Neptune, Liz Hogg, The Yussedit Brothers, Young Yeller, co-curated by Sun Angels.

The Outer Ring: A look into EMA's universe

Misrepresentation, digital synchronicity, and being a martyr for art with EMA.

No Accidents in Dopeness Edition

Surprisingly the Groaner of the Week was not a lyric from LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist".

The Top 5: Super Pac edition

Doublin' down with Sheldon Adelson.

Snoop is slinging Hot Pockets

Snoop Lyin': Can rap sell hot pockets?

Strong Arm Steady

Breaking down stereotypes from LA cops to third record expectations.


Getting to know Vienna's new musical school.

Ten people who were legitimately frightened of the Tupac Hologram

The future is a strange and frightening place.

Soul Train and the '80s babies

What the late, great Don Cornelius did for the world of hip hop, and what he didn't do.

Snoop Dogg

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