soft moon

Week in Pop: Bret Koontz, Rock Abruham, Shmu, Sour Notes

Elbows, Flying Hair, Moon Baby, guest selections by The Soft Moon.

Evil Wizardry, “Ajax Takes Both”

Space dwellers bring familiarity to theirĀ necromancing ways.

Week in Pop: DLRN, Friend Roulette, Heliotropes, Pastel

With Brothers Weiss, VANIISH, and more.

The Best Music of October 2012

If football, The World Series, or the debates distracted you. Here's all you missed.

Week in Pop: WOOF: Antwon & Swiftumz, Rob Pera & Patrick Brown

The week recapped with a debut from Antwon & Swiftumz with some of today's best producers.

Day Show: Andrew WK, Thee Oh Sees, Soft Moon and more

We partied hard, thanks to Andrew WK and a host of other acts.

Impose Day at the Thrasher/Converse Death Match

Let Donny and Marie fill you in.

Soft Moon and White Ring at 285 Kent

Black Marble boogie boards the dark wave

Transcendental nostalgia.

The Soft Moon successfully ride the dark wave

Call me a cynic, call me late to the game, just don't call me wrong.

Week in Pop: Tyler the Creator, Com Truise, P Money

All the patriotism and pop and you can handle.

The Soft Moon

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