teeth mountain

Taking it fast with The Snails

Hanging with the all-star band before, during, and after their Brooklyn show.

My favorite videos of musicians on daytime television

It's not often Ricki Lake gets us thinking.

Premiere: Ami Dang, “Kissed by the Fire”

New dance anthem from Ami Dang with members of Teeth Mountain.

Friends Records

Last fall I was out on the back porch of a Baltimore home where members of Future Islands, Dan Deacon, and Teeth Mountain currently reside.

Day 2, with Dan Deacon, Los Fancy Free, Das Racist

Dan Deacon roused an initially reluctant Mexican crowd into a writhing dance circle, followed by Andrew W.K.’s relentless party-terrorism.

Another Teeth Mountain Sham?

Teeth Mountain and Shams keep the TV carnage alive with an onstage brawl. The blood was real, but was the fight?

Teeth Mountain, Shams, Narwahlz on Judge Judy

Throwin' TV sets, killin' cats.

Extra Life and Teeth Mountain

Whartscape 2009, Sunday afternoon

Foot Village is being invaded

Dan Deacon + Future Islands + Teeth Mountain + Art at 979 Broadway Backyard


Whartscape Day One at Charles Theater, Baltimore

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