the soft moon

Week in Pop: Emily Ritz, Hélène Barbier, Pictorial Candi

A Beacon School, DJ Platurn, Fléau, Madam West, guest selections by Fijimacintosh.

Week in Pop: Bret Koontz, Rock Abruham, Shmu, Sour Notes

Elbows, Flying Hair, Moon Baby, guest selections by The Soft Moon.

The Soft Moon, Container, UNIFORM, and Carson Cox as Video Blue at Market Hotel

A rare live set at the newly minted venue.

Week in Pop: Br’er, Kinski, Qual, Swiftumz, Wing Dam

Chomp, Dream Cult, Estates, Karen Meat, Mune, Nerve Leak, guest selections by Ava Luna.

The Soft Moon, Noveller, and Tempers at Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Soft Moon goes Deeper with a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Week in Pop: ADVAETA, Dead Waves, Heart Beach, The Myrrors

EMEFE, GABI, Portable Sunsets, POW!, Terrace, co-curated by Told Slant.

Week in Pop: Beat Radio, Champagne, Free Weed, KITA, My Midnight Heart, Summer Cannibals

Fielded, Spirit Haus, Threading, Unconditional Arms, Yonas Michael, co-curated by The Soft Moon.

Week in Pop: Les Halles, Rachel Mason, Santiparro, So Many Wizards, Sumbu Dunia, Viktor Longo, Wes Tirey

Featuring The Bright Smoke, Galanos, Grave Pool, Lanterna, Lenparrot, Snuff Redux, & more.

Week in Pop: Anais Aida, Barbarian, Reighnbeau & BK Beats, Saskwatch

Featuring Au.Ra, Calypso, Isaac Rother, Jack Name, TWMTH, co-curated by Heems.

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now we play the waiting game.

The Soft Moon announce new album, drop first single

A one-word titled album with all one-word titled songs.

VANIISH, “Search And Replace”

Endorsements from Mish Way and name checking Creation Records. Need anything more?

Northside 2013: The Soft Moon at 285 Kent Ave

Photos of The Soft Moon performing at 285 Kent Ave on 6/16.

Austin Psych Fest 2013: Night 1, Part 1

Photos from the first night of the sixth annual Austin Psychfest.

Austin Psych Fest 2013: Night 1, Part 2

Photos from the first night of the sixth annual Austin Psychfest.

The Soft Moon

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