tri angle records

Hanz, “Plasty”

A churning experimental cut from the Tri Angle Records producer.

Week in Pop: EATQS, Janelle, Joe Gorgeous, MOSAICS

Benji Lewis, Hudson Bell, jj mazz, Save the Clocktower, ft. guest selections from A.R.Kane.

Week in Pop: Beat Radio, The Bulls, Hidden Hind, unhappybirthday

Echo Courts, Pastel, SheLoom, ft. guest selections by Emily Yacina.

HANZ, “short manual mix”

The industrial rap producer is unmerciful in his pulverizing methods.

The debilitating power music of Vessel

Bristol’s Sebastian Gainsborough on finding creative liberation through full ownership.

Vessel, “Anima”

The sedated and seductive second single from Vessel’s upcoming ‘Punish, Honey.’

Thug Entrancer, “Ectenic Force Mix”

A seance to the paranormal textures that exist in the deep house.

Vessel, “Red Sex”

Sensually masochistic.

Water Borders to release EP on Tundra Dubs

San Francisco's gloom and gleam team to release Each Dream a Scheme</i> EP.

oOoOO & Butterclock, “No Way Back”

Brush your hair over your eyes and swing.

Tri Angle Records showcase, SF at 103 Harriet

Tri Angle heavyweights put on a showcase in SF

Tri Angle Records

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