Journeymann Trax, Smoke Tape

Meditative techno from WEED drummer.

4/20 in Denver with Flatbush Zombies

Heading to the marijuana heartland to celebrate 4/20 with weed heads old and new.

Pipe Check: Musicians review smoking devices for 4/20

With Remy Banks, Ava Luna, Tripletrain, and Eartheater.

Weed run back to Vancouver

Belying their name, the Canadian four-piece reflect and refocus.

Weed, Burn’t, Big Huge, and Mother Tongue at David Blaine’s The Steakhouse

We caught sets from Weed, Burn’t, Big Huge, and Mother Tongue at a location named after a magician.

Weed, “Yr Songs”

Questionably sad, or questionably uplifting.

Weed, “Stay in the Summer”

The crux of nostalgia.


A drug-induced love story for dystopian times.

We Gchatted with @Homer_Marijuana for an hour and shit was crazy

Talking radical familialism, the depravity of stoner culture, and being disgruntled with Twitter.

Yung Tarzan, “What U Need”

Sushi, weed, and condoms are the lifestyle in West Palm Beach.

Neighbors, “Academy”

Northwest indie pop academics & good neighbor dynamics.

Forget Record Store Day, TacocaT has a better weekend plan

You have $20, how are you going to spend it?

Weed, Surf Club, Satan Wriders, and Monster Treasure at D. Thrift Store

Yung Stktn documents a wild night at in Stockton, CA.

How will states with legalized marijuana test for weed DUIs?

This is also a useful infographic for interstate drug smuggling.

Premiere: Weed, “Actual Air”

Debuting upcoming tour dates, and skipping rope in 16mm.


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