Premiere: Bestial Mouths, "Ceased"

Beloved dark-goth overloads of existence, and extinction.

Animal City's Roof EP performance

On a roof at sunset in the Windy City.

Premiere: Tristen, "Gold Star"

Kaleidoscopic twinklings, & Emily Brontë romantics.

Premiere: Tapioca & The Flea, "Take It Slow"

A new video and RSD exclusive for the indie-kid soul.

Premiere: A Minor Forest, "So Jesus Was At The Last Supper" Live in San Francisco

The Bay Area based band returns with a tour and Record Store Day reissues.

Premiere: Part Time, "No Boys Till Midnight"

Do teenage boys still crash slumber parties?

Premiere: Clipd Beaks, "Tied Sky"

A desert trip to an all-girl sun cult.
The Chainletter Interviews

Imposition Tour Pt. 1: La Luz, Ava Luna, Krill, and together PANGEA

Resulting in way more sexual and religious innuendos than we expected.

Slothrust, "No Eye Candy"

But really, actually, eye candy.

Premiere: The Teen Age, "Sleep Alone"

It's like watching the highlight reel of a week-long bender.

RATKING, "Canal"

Strictly for the locals of Manhattan's catacombs and underbelly dwellings.

At The Mercy Of It All

Watch the short film inspired by, and featuring, The Body's new album.

Pure X, "Heaven"

This will put a feeling in your gut, not to be confused with heaven.

Sharon Van Etten, "Taking Chances"

The official video to an earlier-released track features creepy hand lattice.

Premiere: Stevie Nader, "MF Dream", Boywolf remix feat. Sean LaMarr

Deep into the Sacramento zeitgeist.