Agnes Obel, “Golden Green”


Just as haunting as her voice.


Meredith Schneider | September 26, 2016

Hype is building around Agnes Obel, and it is quite easy to see why. Her voice – though slightly reminiscent of Imogen Heap’s illustrious vocals – holds a sound all its own, as if it is a vibration directly from the earth. This is why we absolutely had to share the music video for her single “Golden Green”.

Bright prisms of light flash to the melody over a serene landscape. Agnes’ ethereal vocals almost guide these figures into a blissful night, while layers of tranquil geometric shapes transform gently. The entire video is computer generated, which adds a mysterious layer to it all for us. A kaleidoscope, creatures out of your dreams, and mandalas aplenty make this video feel just as haunting as Agnes’ voice.

And that’s not an easy feat.


Citizen of Glass is available October 21st. It is available for preorder now via iTunes and Amazon (LP or CD).

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