Crown Plaza, "Reactor"


Nima Kazerouni is a ghost in your tapedeck and on the life guard decks of Venice Beach.


November 26, 2012

We've had a lot to say regarding Nima Kazerouni's solo project Crown Plaza since debuting the "Reactor" single. Whenever those alienated feelings creep up along with the urge to get away, we press play on Chem Waves Volume 1, rather than clicking "book it" on the cheapest flight anywhere. Kazerouni is a ghost in the tape deck and a ghost on the deck in the "Reactor" video. Chem Waves Volume 1 is a break-up album in which a secluded Kazerouni attempts to regain his self in his father's office near LAX. Director Charles Mallison, displays that here by casting Kazerouni as a skateboarding apparition in one of the most populated cities in the country.

Crown Plaza's Chem Waves Volume 1 is out now on Vanity Projects.

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