DoM – Gud Tymes


DoM leaving his powerful impression with his new track.


Impose Automaton | October 31, 2017

The early years weren’t so kind having grown up being put through foster homes and the juvenile detention system. After the age of 18, he went out on his own and learned how to live with no sense of direction. In 2010 and 2011 the man put out two EPs which they were both signed by record companies in the U.S., AU and the UK. He was on top of his game, touring the world and playing gigs with well-known artists. Then suddenly disappeared without any trace.

Born in Worcester, MA, rising artist DoM is back from the dead with a new track titled “Gud Tymes” he tells us a personal story about what happened to him, and why he vanished,

“Past few years have been rough for me. After I signed major it sucked the fun out of playing in a band. I wasn’t happy so I let things fall apart. Round that time some of my foster parents died, my biological father died, a past lover of mine od’ed. I was surrounded by death. My biological mother emailed and asked me to come to Massachusetts and reunite with the family so I dropped the music and left NY. I wasn’t really prepared for everything that was gonna dredge up for me. At some point we kinda just stopped talking. I think maybe we were both relieved. I went back to New York and picked up my old bad habits. Felt like I was just waiting for death so I skipped to Detroit for a minute then flew to Seattle for a few months. I kicked and I realized how much I missed music. Wrote Gud Tymes and started shooting videos on my iphone. Clean 3 months. Got a band in Seattle, one in New York and im ready to do this again the right way.”

Check out “Gud Tymes” expressed from the reborn, as he gives you an emotional visual that is naturally expressed from the depths of his heart and soul.


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