Everything is Recorded ft. Sampha and Owen Pallett, “Everything Is Recorded”

Andre G

Producer and XL Records co-founder Richard Russell, AKA Everything Is Recorded, is set to drop his eponymous debut album tomorrow. He took advantage of his network and crafted collaborations with a range of artists from all over the world, including Obongjayar, Kamasi Washington, Damon Albarn, Giggs, Ibeyi, Wiki, Syd and more. The album looks to be an eclectic showcase of how Everything Is Recorded recorded with every sonic influence.

Today he released the title track, featuring Sampha and Owen Pallett. He also dropped a creative video which was developed by visual artist Toby Ziegler. The two artists are previous collaborators – and friends – which explains how Ziegler culled through the Google Image search and seamlessly matched the vibe of the lyrics Sampha crooned with a slideshow of imagery that moved at breakneck speed. From calligraphy to lions and microscopic images of organisms, the images worked together to tell a story and hammer home the message of the track: that we’re all here together, and everything is interconnected.

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