Feel Alright, “Winter Goth”


A trip to the doctor, in greyscales.


November 29, 2011

Feel Alright is the solo project of Craig Fahner, formerly of Calgary, Alberta, currently of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This song is off of the album hahahahahahaha, which is available to listen to on Bandcamp (you can also download it). It has a vaguely westernized twang in the guitar, fed through fifteen or sixteen reverb pedals and pitchshifted into a twilight number, which gets rougher and faster about midway through, despite the falsetto vocalization. The video is a washed-out trip to a nightmare doctor, where subjects are prodded and poked and injected and examined. Craig made it himself from footage from a movie called State of Weighlessness, which is about the Soviet Cosmonauts.

You can check out Feel Alright on Dec. 10th at Big Snow in Brooklyn with a couple other Canadian bands, including Each Other, which is a new project from the folks in Halifax's Long Long Long, and Sheer Agony from Montreal. Also playing is Street Gnar, who are less aggressive than their name would lead you to believe.

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