Femme Vanille, “Another Time”


Speaks to the longing and desire for golden days.


Virginia Croft | November 2, 2016

Based in Utrecht, Femme Vanille is anything but shy. Led by the paradoxical bohemian belle Karindra Perrier, the band approaches pop with a new-wave feel, creating tunes that soar with melodies and drown you in their dreamy atmosphere. Their latest album, Another Time, was released in January 2016, also featuring Thijs Bastiaans (drums), Erik Brouwer (keys), Jesse Buitenhuis (guitar) and Thijs van Gemert (double bass).

This time around, Perrier takes us into her mind in the accompanying video for “Another Time.” Transitions between her performing the song and scenes of old films ala the 1950s literally take us to another time, and the combination is whimsical and nostalgic. Scenes at the beach resonate with Lana Del Rey’s vision of Americana, waxing poetic a juxtaposition of Monroe and Kerouac. Perrier’s voice is ethereal, coming to us from what seems another dimension, as she sails through far away notes, plummeting back to our known stratosphere. “Another Time” speaks to the longing and desire for golden days, with a sprinkle of the hope of now.

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