Homesick #9: White Lung, “Saint Dad”


White Lung shred to the great wide expanse on a military base in Boise.


May 1, 2013

Performance Video visionaries open our minds once again to a new space that punk has never explored. A few weeks ago it was a muddy junkyard set to cars being compacted in the background. On the surface their video with Vancouver's White Lung looks tame, a golden field in Boise, ID. You can see for miles with only rows of telephone lines obscuring the silhouette of a distant mountain range.

What makes this punk? The band and crew are on a military base. After hopping a fence, no small task considering the gear, they set up on the base and hammered out a run of "Saint Dad" before the jeeps could discover them. The jeeps never came, but after crossing the fence everyone's phone shut off. Just. Like. That.

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White Lung's Sorry LP is out now.

White Lung is wrapping up its spring tour:

02 Portland, OR – Holocene w/ METZ
03 Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore w/ METZ
14 Toronto, ON – NXNE
15 Toronto, ON – NXNE
20 Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Festival

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