MondreM.A.N., “Belly Of The Beast”


<i>M A N</i> gets a tape release with a b-side of remixes.


January 30, 2012

MondreM.A.N. dropped a nine-song digital solo entitled M A N in November of 2011. It was part of a victory lap for Main Attrakionz, which included Squadda B's solo record Back Sellin' Crack, after a break out year of killer group releases. The DreamCollabo label, in accordance with Crash Symbols, is giving M A N a proper release on cassette, which is the first Main Attrakionz release in pressed format.

The b-side of the cassette is 9 remixes to each song from the a-side from artists like Blissed Out, Yalls, Pariah Carey, Shady Blaze, Julian Wass, Sea Things and BlueSky BlackDeath, among others.

MondreM.A.N.'s M A N is available now via Crash Symbols.

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