Moonheart, “Bridestep”

Andre G

Musicians Michael Sachs and Kim Mayo met at school in Boston, where they were both studying jazz –but didn’t come together as Moonheart until years later, when they met in Brooklyn. They challenged each other to write a song a day for a week, which showed them how much they had in common creatively. Since then, they’ve crafted an EP, and are set to release their Feel It Out studio debut this spring.

“Bridestep” is a single from the project, which is ironically a testimony that could also be considered overdue for Mayo. In this case, Mayo sings about accepting the truth about a past relationship. Over e-mail, she described the song as “a years-delayed love letter of closure” for a person who is “no longer in my life in the capacity that they once were” yet “remains a large part of my heart.”

That passion is palpable on “Bridestep,” as she sincerely croons over the melancholy electro-soul soundscape. The music video for the song shows Mayo just as reflective, as she ruminates in various places throughout New York. The track is a wonderful primer for their upcoming album.


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