Nat Baldwin, “Weights”


Sure, he's in Dirty Projectors and can croon, but is his jumper wet?


April 4, 2011

In honor of tonight's Final Four match up signifying the end of March Madness, we've got a video of Nat Baldwin shooting hoops and confusing children by playing the upright bass on the court. Shame on us for taking the cover art for his upcoming solo album People Changes as some aging form of hipster irony. Nat is a gym rat.

It's not exactly capturing the "arena" vibe that good hoopin' music is synonymous with, but Nat Baldwin wins the day for having a silky jumper. We'd watch a video of Nat challenging Brooklyn musicians to a game of H.O.R.S.E., just saying.

People Changes is out May 24 on Western Vinyl.

–Blake Gillespie

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