Pink Priest, “Swallow Your Dreams”

Much like Pink Priest's latent spirit, glowing like embers within the wall-of-noise husk of "Swallow Your Dreams", Geoffrey Sexton renders hallowed terrains against the very ordinary: an old lady goes through the daily dishes and men hit with hammers and tear off the floors to construct white-walled interiors, while irradiated light patterns layer the slowly shifting seasons, marked by changing leaves and glowing rivers.

Where William Cody Watson's final piece under the Pink Priest moniker is a slow, unwavering crest that has little interest in the climax and the massive crescendo, Sexton's piece hovers over a suite of repeating imagery, which while not a direct proxy for the audio context, works as a shifty counter-narrative to the constant flow of textures. Both visual and audio tend towards the same messages: things don't change, unless you're tuned in.

Pink Priest's final collection of two long tracks are available from La Station Radar.

–Jeremy Krinsley

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