Premiere: Dustin Wong, “Diagonally Talking Echo”

Dustin Wong's new video for the song "Diagonally Talking Echo", the closing track on the upcoming album Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, is a beautiful melánge of splashing brightness washing over the palette of sparkling guitar. Interrrupted by Dustin's own vocalizations, the song is Dustin speaking to himself, fading in and out as you would imagine the sound would carry underwater, or in a dream.

Speaking of dreams, Dustin is launching a contest to coincide with the release of his new record. For the "Say Your Dream, Create a Sound" project, Dustin is asking his fans to show him their dreams, by recording a narration to his Soundcloud page (or sending a written narration in a message to the Soundcloud page). From the dreams, he will select some and write songs about them, posting a selection of the songs on the page the week of the album's release, beginning on Monday, February 20.

Dustin explains the project:

"I thought it would be a really neat idea to be able to contribute some of my music to people's dreams. Not only would it be a good challenge but it would also be a very loose nonverbal way of interpreting a dream. By reflecting the mood of what the dream is, it could bring something out of the dream that the dreamer never noticed, like a glaze that brings out the colors of a painting. Whenever I went to sleep over at my best friend's home, when I was about 4 or 5 years old, his mom would put on books on tape to put us to sleep. I don't remember the story and I didn't really pay attention to them at the time. Now when I think back at it, it was a peripheral thing, a textural narrative to the sleeping experience. It was extremely relaxing and comforting. It probably does have something to do with the time of childhood. Maybe its about an innocence that I'm trying to remember."

You can pre-order the album, which comes out February 21 from Thrill Jockey, here.

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