Rubyfruit, “Ivory Tower”

Elizabeth Schneider

“Ivory Tower” is the first single/video from the debut EP Half Moon of Rubyfruit.  The Indie duo. Jenny Posnak and Kate Hamilton, currently based in Denver, have voices that complement each other completely.  They are able to create harmonies and use their instruments in the most interesting ways.  Their video for “Ivory Tower” is a gem.

Directed and photographed by Mia Cioffi Henry, the film uses modern dancers (Clarrisa Dyas, Sarah G Chenoweth, Rose Huey) to tell the story.  Henry had this to say about the effort:  “Ivory Tower is about the interior lives of women.  It takes interior spaces where women are present, clears them of all clutter and fills them with the thoughts and emotions as dance. We as women are always reevaluating our places in the world. We are in conversation with ourselves constantly. We are living interior lives.”

Keep up with Rubyfruit here.

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