Shaboozey, “Winning Streak”

Andre G

Winning Streak by Shaboozey on VEVO.

Shaboozey’s riding high. The multi-talented artist is steadily ascending with this dynamic, genre-bending sound that pulls influence from R&B, hip-hop and alternative rock. Who are some of his influences? Francis Ford Coppola, NASCAR, Led Zeppelin, and Roger Waters. He’s doing so well that he decided to celebrate with a self-fulfilling prophecy of a single called “Winning Streak.” The minimalist, trap-influenced soundscape puts the focus on his lyricism. Shaboozey remembers he “used to sleep on a futon.” Now? “Rings, got a few on.”

Shaboozey matched the track with a well-crafted video inspired by Quentin Tarantino. The desert-themed video has a classic 70’s crime flick vibe, as he apparently pulls a big-money caper, then has to rely on a waitress to hold him down. It helps that she also seems as infatuated with him as she is with her. That’s a “Winning Streak” if there ever was one.