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Advertising Sales Associate

Impose is seeking an Advertising Sales Associate to help develop, implement, and manage the company’s advertising strategy. (Yeah, this means sell ads, we know it can be daunting, but hey, look at it this way: you would essentially BE our advertising department, which would give you incredible flexibility and the opportunity to grow within our company. Anyway, back to the professional sounding part.) You will be expected to help our sales team develop budgets and projections for advertising revenue, negotiate agreements with ad clients, and manage the development of sales materials, including media kits and sponsorship decks. The ideal candidate will have a sales history with contacts to agencies and advertising firms, as well as a desire to work in a music and culture-related field. Knowledge of DoubleClick For Publishers is preferred but not necessary. This is a part-time paying position + commission.

To apply, please submit you resume and cover letter to:

Spring 2015 Editorial Intern

To aid in the day-to-day maintenance of Impose, including, but not limited to: writing, copy editing, combing through demo submissions, production, design, social media management and content integration. You should have a strong opinion about what music you like and why, as well as a strong grasp of the current independent music and cultural landscape.

Please submit a resume, three writing samples (links are fine) and a list of your five favorite albums this minute in an e-mail to

Video Production Intern

To aid in producing in-house video pieces. Ideal candidates have prior experience with video editing.

Social Media Interm

To aid in the promotion and organization of events and content through all social media outlets. Ideal candidates are web and SEO savvy, owns an instrgamming device, and has lots of virtual friends.

Marketing/Design Intern

To aid in the promotion and organization of event and media projects. Ideal candidates have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, book-making, wheatpasting, friends.

Booking Intern

To aid in event production, promotion, and organization of talent. Ideal candidates are familiar with booking live music events, highly organized, and easily accessible.


To aid in the contribution of words, photos, money.

Contribution guidelines:

First question: Do you read Impose? All the time? Then we will allow you to proceed. But if not, please take a look a the site. We can tell when you don’t know what we are about.

Form letters are a major turn-off.  Let us know a little bit about yourself and what you are into. Name the top three bands on your iTunes for this month, even that’s enough for us to get a sense of what you like. We have several ways you can contribute and we welcome you to submit, following the below suggestions.

If you are interested in writing FEATURES for Impose, please include for us some pitches in your email. Pitches should be between one and three paragraphs in length and contain the “who/what/why/when/how” of your feature idea. Impose is mainly a music website, although we accept pitches from any culture genre that you think would appeal to our readers or even just vaguely have something to do with music or art or movies or comedy or TV or sports or food or cute animals. Stories can be interviews, critical analysis, scene reporting, historical, analytical, editorial, or comical. We are open to newcomers and johnny-come-latelys. Most of all, we are open to things we haven’t thought of yet.

If you are interested in writing a COLUMN for Impose, please think about it in a very whole sense. What would the first three columns look like? What are some weird, unexpected trips you could take us on in the span of this column? How frequently do you think you’d be able to contribute? What would you name it? Columns can cover any subject matter under the sun, but we are looking for stuff that we think is compatible with our readership.

If you are interested in contributing PHOTOS to Impose, please email with a selection from your portfolio. The photo team is always looking for interesting new ideas, as well.

If you are interested in writing GENERAL NEWS or MUSIC REVIEWS, please tell us what your favorite albums over the last month were, 2-3 shows you are excited to see, and/or your favorite piece of journalistic or critical writing from the past few weeks.

Please send all inquiries to