Alaskas' I Love Life EP

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As of late the east coast has been the lucky recipient of Alaskas' (a.k.a. Dillon Rego's) live presence, he having transferred recently from dark and stormy Seattle to the fine and peaceful hamlet of Bed-Stuy.

His I Love Life tour cassette, also a digital EP (below), is a guitar and processed vocals-centric four-track excursion centering around the 7-minute long lead-off track, “An Ocean in My Throat”, an exodus of rumbling feedback, ruminative melodies and organically spawning loops. “Anticipation” sounds a lot more like the shouty, frenetic live show Alaskas delivers with double tom drummers, a spandex suit and a megaphone.

It all leads into the title track, an ominous guitar riff hedged against Rego's ebullient request that perhaps you can be more than just friends with him, if you're down to see what happens.

Packaged simply, with single cardboard print of cover art and some nice double-sided spray-paint speckles on white tape.