Antimagic's “Live Trash” c25

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Ted McGrath, half of Antimagic and outer limits/rather well-established illustrator-slash-design dude blessed this 100-run cassette with individualized pen-sketches. I picked a Medusa chick with sinus problems and a cool lightning bolt on her shirt. I think there was a sailor on one, and certainly some inanimate objects scratched with McGrath's sure hand on others, but I was assured by the illustrator that I managed to nab his favorite. (Also, unwittingly, the first one he took a stab at graffiti-ing, as this is officially copy 01/100.

The Live Trash EP is actually a collection of live recordings from two shows, one in Brooklyn, one in Pittsburgh. It's Antimagic in their essence, balancing diaphanous plumes of noise against multiple guitar stab wounds and the guttural essence of punk-root vocal crooning.

It's a great.

Hear the whole thing: