“Death by art” opens Thursday

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Death By Audio closes at the end of this month, but the community surrounding the space isn’t letting the last days become just a nostalgia-fest. Instead, over 50 artists and musicians involved in Death by Audio are using the end as an opportunity to showcase an under-celebrated side of DBA: the visual arts scene tightly intertwined with its music world, and the entirety of the space that’s usually private. For the last 16 days of Death By Audio, the entire space will be open to the public as an art installation, with murals, sculptures, interactive media, projections, sound art, and indie arcade cabinets installed in the hallways and the ranch.

Check out a partial list of artists involved below, which includes many Impose photographers. The show is free on Thursday, November 6, plus every Saturday and Sunday from 2PM-7PM until November 22. The art show will also be open to show-goers every evening from 8pm to midnight, included with the price of admission. More info at ripdba.com.


Artists Include:

Abigail Weg
Allen Riley
Anuj Panchal
Arielle Avenia
Becky James
Burgers Rana
Chris Uphues
Danne Woo
Dead Herring
Devin Lilly
Dorie Van Dercreek
Edan Wilber
Eli Lehrhoff
Emily Ambruso
Eun-ha Paek
Ezer Longinus
Gavin Schneider
George Wilson
Hannah Mishin
Heather Bickford
James Clark
Jamie Drake
Jared Bowditch
Jason Eppink
Jason McLean
Jason Sigal
Jay Heiselmann
Jeff Kornberg
Joe Ahearn
Joe Jurewicz
Joe Kelly
Johann Diedrick
Josh Intrator
Justin Frye
Kate Kosek
Kyle Ranson
Mack Moody
Maggie Burnsed
Mark Kleeb
Mary Scahill
Matt Conboy
Maya Hayuk
Michael Merck
Morgan Blair
Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor
Nick Casaldi
Nick Kuszyk
Nick Yulman
Preston Spurlock
Roopa Vasudevan
Sammi Rana
Sarah Everton
Sean McIntyre
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
Stephanie Gross
Sto Len
Tara Blosser
Taylor McKimens
Ted McGrath
Thomas Del Balso
Todd Bryant
Tyler Love

Ginny Benson + Chrissy Reilly
Louise Foo + Martha Skou
Oliver Ackermann + Matt Conboy
Sam Hillmer + Laura Paris

R.I.P. D.I.Y. Photo Gallery

Ester Segretto
Jackie Roman
Jeanette Moses
Keith Marlowe
Marcus Lauer
Nicki Ishmael
Sam Leung
Walter Wlodarczyk
Ebru Yildiz

Audio Delphi Shrine

Alex Drewchin
Big Law Country Club
James Moore
Kendalle Fiasco
Peter Fankhauser

Death By Audio Arcade

Ben Serviss
Chris Hernandez
Josh Raab
Jon Stokes
K Anthony Marefat
Michael Kahane
Nick Santaniello