Donato Epiro, Supercontinent c30

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donato epiro supercontinent c30 art

We urged the weirdo masses to simultaneously blast Donato Epiro's last Stunned release, the Sounding the Sun CD-R, in hopes that it'd cause a solar eclipse or some kind of flare. (We assume it worked).

Donato Epiro's Supercontinent c30 is number ninety on the Stunned catalogue, which departs from the sun system ambitions of Sounding for some terrestrial meditations.

A side lead jam “Tucano” keeps the tablas and sitars out of the lamb masala in your gut, and honed to the birds fluttering past your third eye while “La Vita Acquatica” hoists sail and veers the B side off towards the deep blue ruminations that swirl ceaselessly off the coast of Epiro's mystical continent.