Fast Food Music Video Runs a Train on Your Brain

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Recently, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge acted as studio to Fast Food Music Video: a night-long recording party, in which three bands each perform one song, respectively, while FFMV creates live analog “glitch factory” visuals using imagery from the three cameras pointed at the bands.

Photos by Sofy Yuditskaya and Matthew Caron.

The effect is a trippy, expedient (hence the nom de plume), and democratic (cheap) way to bang out a music video.

The videos produced during FFMV #1 are:

Celestial Shore – “Growing Old”

In Buenos Aries – “Today”

Baked – “Danelectroladyland”

FFMV is the project of Eric Barry Drasin, who also hosts of an empty-brain meditation series at Body Actualized called SILENT. Mark DeNardo, a transcendental black belt and martial arts instructor (as well as a musician), informed me that to meditate for long periods while blocking all possible thought will essentially put your brain on the hallucinatory express, bound for the morbid secrets that your soul could have sworn had been deleted.

For the first batch of FFMV, Drasin collaborated visually with Chris Ballint of Valuable People.