Graveface Charity 7″ Series: Dosh, Serengeti, and Mount Eerie

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Serengeti Graveface

Graveface Records caught my attention by releasing music by Serengeti, a dude who is having a phenomenal year of releases. After the initial allure though, the attention shifted to the greater cause in Graveface's Charity 7″ Series. The 7″ packages may be purchased individually or by subscription. The August package includes 7″s from Mount Eerie, Dosh, and Serengeti (A-side produced by Advance Base and the B-side produced by Tobacco).

A portion of the proceeds from each package will go to charities of the artists' selection. Mount Eerie are sending money to Friends of the ACFL. Dosh is sending money to Building Dignity. Serengeti is donating to RBI: Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities. Should you choose to subscribe to the series, at the price of $132 USD, you'll get the August package, September package (Xiu Xiu 7″, Lady Lazarus & The Inner City Cruiser 7″, and Hospital Ships & Heartscape Landbreak 7″), and the months to follow. A fine investment and possible tax write-off (don't quote us on this).

Should you need more coaxing, check out Dosh's “From The House of Caesar” and Seregenti's “Cubes”:

Purchase the Serengeti, Mount Eerie, and Dosh package at Graveface or Subscribe to the full year of releases here.