Matt Bauer's new video features Angel Deradoorian and some other babes

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Matt Bauer may have one of the most chilling voices in folk. The simple yet entrancing new music video for “Flowering Deer”, the closing track off The Jessamine County Book of Living (Crossbill), is haunting to say the least. The track features vocals from Dirty Projectors Angel Deradoorian, Jolie Holland, and Alina Hardin among others. Gareth Smith & Jenny Lee direct.

“My friends Gareth and Jenny at Smith & Lee had been working on a video for another song of mine but happened to shoot some footage around Thanksgiving while visiting Auburn, CA where Gareth grew up, and thought it would work really well for Flowering Deer. Magic unexpected bonus video! When I was writing up the credits for the music and the video, it really hit me how lucky i am to have some many friends to collaborate with. Having people who i think do amazing work bring their ideas to my music, whether it's something like working up the four and five part harmonies with all the singers on this song or working with friends like Jenny and Gareth — it's really the most fun part of making music for me.” – Matt Bauer

Watch Matt Bauer's Terroreyes session.