Pink Priest and Lee Noble CD-Rs… from France

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Lee Noble's Downtown Hot-Blood Story album art

These bite-sized cuties landed via airmail from old Vaucluse, France, stamped with crackling sounds from Northern Arkansas and Burbank, California.

The Arkansas contribution comes from the great Pink Priest, friend of Impose and half the man behind the curtain pulling strings to bring you and me Bathetic Records releases. This three-incher throws a wall of tremulous guitar at crouching thunder and hidden hail storms.

More seances from Lee Nobles three-track Downtown Hot-Blood Story, titled sensibly into “July”, “August”, and “September”. Sung tones, organ warbles, lasers, the whole thing wobbling like the sound of a fat man leaning on the reels. Based on the evidence, his summer went a little more smoothly than his fall.

You can hear bits of the above at La Station Radar's Myspace page here.