Psychic Handbook/Holy Strays c30 split

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Psychic Handbook/Holy Strays c30 split deep tapes

Deep Tapes's magic number nine.

Holy Strays, “Wakanda's Fury” (excerpt)

Holy Strays is the Paris-based Sebastian Forrester. His side straddles the piss-stained line for the bathroom next to the door to the basement where you hear there's thrash but you're pretty sure you want to stay up here where the DJ's doing some magic Serato-matching and you can bounce back and forth like your muscle-memory handicapped by the power of the immortal Beat.

Psychic Handbook, “Crystal Drip” (excerpt)

Psychic Handbook is Alejandro Archuleta but these cuts are a collaboration between the Oakland-by-way-of-Denver 22-year old and Deep Tapes guru/Dreamcolour maestro Alex Gray. The ground's an inch thick ice sheet and you'd fall through if you didn't know how to walk on water. Good thing.

Limited to 100 hand dubbed, black labeled cassettes with pro-printed, full color artwork designed by Alex [Gray].

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