The New Heaven and the New Earth

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The New Heaven and the New Earth's All Saints' Day

I believe this is exactly what they meant when they started calling things chamber pop, though back then they couldn't throw it all together with some snazzy synths and one classically trained cellist.

Sweetly enough the wikipedia on this genre corner prefers “baroque pop“, which proves to be even more appropriate for The New Heaven And The New Earth, a band with an EP on Edible Onion that runs like an ornate, 21-minute mass performed in some side chapel of a grand, flowery cathedral… in West Philly.

The release, All Saints' Day, drives the metaphors home with its album design, a combo-deal of felt and foil and marker that evokes a stained glass front viewed from the Dark Side, with heaven streaming through. Also, a hand-drawn lyric booklet designed by Darian Scatton.

This kind of charm is nothing new for Edible Onion, who specialize in this kind of hand-packaged piety for all their releases. Check their site.

The New Heaven and the New Earth, “Noah”