Get an agent through dumb luck

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miles klee drinks four loko

The Awl ran a piece last week about five different writers and their agents. Some wrote B.S., others had nice friends, others were at readings. Pretty sure everyone lives in New York so that seems to be a requirement too.

My favorite advice was from Miles Klee who got an agent through 'dumb luck' including a friend of a friend. Sounds like connections to me. And also living in NYC. And possibly writing for The Awl, since two of the five featured (Klee, Gallaway) write for them.

Everyone else told Miles the manuscript was no good, but the agent bit on it. Not sure what that means. Just that when you find an agent you need to have “harmonic frequencies” with them. Not sure what that means either.

Also Miles drinks Four Loko, which I kind of felt obligated to put in this post since it's been 'in the news.'

I am kind of interested in reading Miles Klee now.