Indexing the Occupy Wall St. Library

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People's Library / Occupy Wall Street Library Blog

Every good movement needs some information. In addition to coming up with their own Wall Street rag, the Occupy Wall St. ppl have collectively set up a library. What I don't see is much small press stuff. Or self-pubbed stuff. We've all read Dickens in school, we don't need protesters throwing it at us too. Come on, power to the 99 percent, let's get moving on that.

Right now, the whole thing is indexed over at LibraryThing. Here's what's in it:

Only one anarchist cookbook.

Nothing punk.

No Kathy Acker.

Some Chomsky.

Too much Naomi Klein.

Plenty of Zinn.

Predictable Angst.

Celebrity Scavenging.

Read the Occupy Wall Street blog and find the address to donate books.

Mainstream coverage of a protest library: @New Yorker, @ The Millions, @ Galley Cat.