Revenge is on a binge

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james frey vs oprah

I'm in the middle of Adam Langer's awesome The Thieves of Manhattan. It's got some hoaxing, some trickery, some conniving–a tale of forgery aimed at the publishing industry's recent fascination of memoirs, and the subsequent confessions about what really happened.

Langer's made-up(?) story is a great read, but the UK's Independent has a list of recent literary revenges. Near the top of the list is James Frey vs. Oprah Winfrey.

There's virtually no way a once-hot, now-not author can take down a behemoth like Oprah. But if you remember, Oprah made Frey come back on her show and discuss why he called his book a memoir when in actuality it was fiction. A nervous and red-faced Frey stumbled over Oprah's questions, but later in a paperback edition of his latest novel (an actual novel, not a memoir) included an additional chapter called “Chat Show Host” in which the protagonist is on a talk show host and has a conversation about how the host never had a book published.

Other revenges are discussed, and MobyLives adds some additional commentary about one on AN Wilson and Bevis Hiller.