Mike Edison's third annual Banned Book Party

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Though banned books are sometimes funny in the context of Voldemort and Quidditch, it can be some serious First Amendment business.

Former High Times publisher and sometimes wrestler Mike Edison is throwing another serious Banned Books party in New York. In attendance will be Herald Price Fahringer, who has defended Larry Flynt; also Richard Nash, who most publishing people think of as being cool.

There will be awesome compelling readings of some past banned book entries like Naked Lunch and Clockwork Orange and some noise will be provided by the Space Liberation Pocket Arkestra.

It's this Wednesday, September 29 at Housing Works Books Cafe at 7pm.

Our good friends at Jewcy talked to Mike Edison about the event, you can read that there.

And the American Library Association has a list of frequently banned books and the reasons why people want to banish them from the public's mind.